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Drawing of a bird with a circular decorationEnrollment for ON CENTRE 2015  has been very successful and we are grateful to start this very first  run with a very interesting group of participants with  most various backgrounds and origin.

The course will be demanding. We are confident that, with sustained concentration and hard work, a good level can be reached in the three months.  The latter stages of the course will give time for more personal development. In developing fluent skill participants will, of course, glaze and fire a considerable body of work so that fluency of making is matched by knowledge and fluency in finishing work. Greek plate with a black decoration showing a sailboad and fishesIt must be understood however that in the initial stages of the course many of the throwing exercises will be recycled, as fluency develops and technical improvement occurs.With dedication, relative beginners are just as likely to benefit fully from the course as those with more experience. Embark on a journey towards knowledge, confidence and fluency!

Applications for ON CENTRE 2016 will open again in March 2016, with deadline of September 2016.