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Stories, Myths and Magic in Clay

There are many ways with the storytelling. Sometimes stories develop as a result of our personal experiences or believes, sometimes they appear from our subconscious, other times it is a visual stimulus, like laying on your back and following the imagery of clouds.

As Jan Edwards puts it: …”Reading in the clouds”:  That is what it’s like when the slip tells me what to do.Ceramic vase made in terracotta clay with white slip and sgraffitto decoration

Here  a picture of the first pot that Jan made this way.   It was made at la Meridiana, during the last workshop.  It’s called “Etruscan Gift”

Jan has become very passionate about storytelling. She has found much inspiration in Italy, more precisely, from the Etruscan Culture.  Following them has been a main thread of her traveling in Italy, so far… and in the future.

Morning tile 2 Morning tile 3 Terra cotta tiles with colored slip decorationSometimes she starts her studio days making a “Morning drawing”.   It’s kind of like playing scales on the piano, loosening up, helping imagery to emerge.merman

Jan has become very passionate about storytelling in clay. She will share her experience and passion in a two week workshop in June with the  additional opportunity of a trip planned as an introductory experience for workshop participants only.