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Soda glazed ceramic cupThis is a good question. It is a question to which there is no single answer. Ultimately the answer depends on who is asking the question, and why, and on the context in which the glaze is being used.To an industrialist, and indeed to any maker of utilitarian ware, a good glaze is one which fits the body well, is easy to clean and is durable in use. In this context the question is primarily a technical one.

Watering can in ceramics

To a maker of decorative pots or of sculpture the question is primarily an aesthetic, visual question – does the glaze have visual qualities which appropriately complete the totality of the object and its surface?

These topics s are often at the centre of Lorna Meaden’s work  and will be addressed in the workshop Utility and Embellishment that will take place at La Meridiana from May 10th – 23rd 2015.Bucket in ceramics with wire, soda fired.

Throwing a variety of functional pots like cups, bowls, pouring pots, lidded jars, teapots, spoons and scoops. Formal issues such as line, volume, and scale will be discussed, as well as ideas concerning aesthetics, historical reference, and function. For surface and decoration we will use slip inlay technique, use of shellac for relief, and decoration techniques with glaze. The work produced in this workshop will be fired to high temperature in a soda kiln.

Ceramic bowls with blue centre and line decorThis workshop for intermediate and advanced ceramicists. Contact us for further information: info@lameridiana.fi.it