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Vasari corridor as seen from the Arno river

An extended stay at La Meridiana, like a residency , a two week workshop or the twelve week long ON CENTRE programme, allows for exploring the art and beauty of Tuscany.  An extraordinary experience, that however needs sufficient planning is the walk through the Vasari Corridor.

human head with horn in bronze

Self portrait of Jan Fabre

The Corridor was built in 1564 by Giorgio Vasari at the time of the wedding between Francesco I de’ Medici and Giovanna of Austria. Vasari created a monumental avant-garde skywalk, a covered pathway of almost one kilometer in length that connects the Pitti Palace, where the Grand Duke resided, with his offices, the “Uffizi “.

The visitor can enjoy some magnificent and little-known views over the city from its round windows and the passageway contains over 1000 paintings. The highlight is certainly the collection of Self-portraits of foremost masters of painting from the 16th to the 20th century.

self portrait in the vasari corridor

Mimmo Paladino


Robert Mapplethorpe

Selfportraits of artists of the 20th century

Elisabeth Chaplin

The overhead passageway starts out from the West Corridor of the Gallery, heads towards the Arno and then, raised up by huge arches, follows the river as far as the Ponte Vecchio, which it crosses by passing on top of the shops. The meat market on the bridge was at this time transferred elsewhere, so as not to offend the Grand Duke’s sensitive nose with unpleasant smells on his walk, and replaced (from 1593) with the goldsmiths who continue to work there today.
This visit needs booking well ahead of time, as the visits are very much requested. To do so, send a mail to firenzemusei@operalaboratori.com or book through http://www.uffizi.org/museum/