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Study abroad group of Austin Peay State University in the Ceramic studios of La Meridiana





Currently we are hosting a great group of young students from APSU, Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, led by Professor Ken Shipley.

Leg, giving motion to the kickwheel

Shipley is a thrower, and is teaching his group really well. Some of the students have decided to take up the challenge and use a kick wheel











Here the comments of the students:

Karla at the Kick Wheel in the studio of La MeridianaKarla: “I have seen and tried a kickwheel before, but it was  heavier  and I got frustrated.  Here View from the studioinstead of getting me into frustration it feels more of a meditation. It helps to be in Italy, relax, look out of the window, see the beautiful hills. Kicking the wheel is giving me that  pleasure, it is not only like I work with clay, but be part of it. I do consider to get a kickwheel at home, it is much more affordable. But then, what will I say? I wanna go out and throw? Or, I wanna go out and kick!”

Assistant Teja with friends Brandy from the USA and Ella from RussiaTeja, assistant from Slovenia “My first meeting with a kickwheel was very traumatic! I was 12 years old and a beginner. After one year of learning I quit. When I got back to a kickwheel after 4 years, suddenly I could center easily, and was much better than the rest of the group.”

Savannah during a moment of relax during her study aborad in Italy with Prof. Ken ShipleySavannah “ The first time I used a kickwheel, I did not enjoy it, because I was not prepared mentally, I was impatient. The rhythm that you have to find with your body helps you to find peace and truth and balance.”

Svend Bayer on one of  his kickwheel

Svend Bayer on one of his kickwheel



A potter who production throws exclusively on kickwheels ( He owns three of them). Svend Bayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nde51XQEXcA

The Victorian Wheel. Very hard to control.

The Victorian Wheel. Very hard to control.