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The historical food market in Florence has been remodeled, to meet an ever popular demand, among Florentines as well as among tourists: Access to freshly prepared quality food.Visione d'insieme del primo piano del mercato di San LorenzoCured hams hanging from the ceiling at the newly rennovated market of san lorenzo in florence
The upper floor of the beautiful Liberty style building that serves as the central distributer of quality food since it’s opening in 1874 has now food stalls that serve freshly prepared goodies: Pizza, mozzarella, fresh bread Making pizza ansderving wineP1040493

Fresh pasta and fresh bread, prepared at the minute at the first floor of the  Florence Central Market.

and pastry, fried fish and vegetables, cured meet, cheeses, chocolate and gelato. You can wander among the stands and pick your preferred food to eat right there, and you will see how it’s prepared, at the minute! Drinks? Of course: cappuccino, wine, beer, smoothies and juices! To complement the offer: a Cooking school, a library, a wine tasting bar with sommelier and a section of Eataly with natural beauty products.

Mercato di San Lorenzo: it’s open since two weeks only, and already a favorite evening destination for Florentines. Go out see who is around, be seen…A tip: Visit in the morning, when it’s not so crowded. You will be able to appreciate everything with more leisure. The fine food, the lively bakers, cheesemakers and other food specialists at work, the architecture and the décor.
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