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Three pots in the shape of monstruous figures with hughe heads, made of ceramics by Federico BonaldiIf you struggle to find the course for you in the vast programme 2014 here is a test to guide your choice.

You find yourself in blooming field of flowers. Your instinct is
a) to pick a bouquet of flowers.
b) to inhale deeply and run through the field.
Repetition to you means
a) the unique, necessary practice to get hold of new capabilities.
b ) a meditative ritual of deep meaning.
The rotating dance of the dervishes evokes
a) overcoming of obstacles through the driving force of life.
b ) the infinite.
At the restaurant, in front of a delicious dish you will
a) try to identify the ingredients in order to reproduce the dish at home.
b) think of a good reason to return to the restaurant.
If you have answered mostly a)
 Beautyful example of  a large, found pitcher with orange glazing with  splashed on grey glaze.You are a responsive person who prefers to be surrounded by meaningful objects, to be used in everyday life. You are sensitive to historical meaning and have a keen respect for skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Making functional pot, learning throwing skills is of deep satisfaction to you, because as Michael Cardew puts it: Pottery is about one thing only: the majesty of form.
This is the recommended course for you. Throwing Marathon with Pietro Maddalena. Click on the image for further information

If you have answered mostly b)
You feel the urge to give material shape to the images and emotions that your fertile fantasy suggest to your mind. Sculpture is your thing, but remember what said by Michael Cardew :
Clay is a fatally difficult material. Paradoxically the most difficult material in the world to use because it’s the easiest. It is absolutely obedient to anything you ask it to do, however awful.
These courses are suitable for you : Relief carving and surface illustration with Richard Notkin and Jason Walker. For intermediate or advanced.                                               Sculpture and woodfiring with Donna Polseno. For all.
Sculpture of a deer in clay with meaningful surface decoration and elements that make it an ironic work of art with ecological critique.Clay sculpture of a large dark woman with surface decoration of relief carving, carrying a clay pot on her head.






If you have answered a) and b ) equally
Your versatile and profound personality sometimes leave you uncertain about decisions to take. You will find yourself in what was said by Daniel Rhodes :
Pottery making is a kind of adventure in which, if one is successful, one finds, in the end, oneself. It involves the risk of self-revelation. It offers the chance of making a synthesis of one’s physical self, the co-ordination of hand and eye, the handwriting of one’s skills, with a philosophy, a point of view, a statement of values.
These are the courses recommended to you:

Cilindric lamps made in ceramics with perforated surface, built by beginner ceramic students in Greece.

Light and Shadow, taught by Angeliki Papodopoulou

Delicate white flowers made of paerclay with porcelain for a subtle effect.

Paperclay with Porcelain taught by Antonella Cimatti