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Are you a ceramist, but your friends do not share your passion ? Would you like to dedicate yourself entirely to ceramics during your holidays, but your partner snorts ? Green Grass and red pupies in spring in Tuscany, as during the Easter workshop with Maria Garzuly for screen print on clayLet’s face it! We have developed a ceramic course, fascinating for both, potters and relatives.  During Easter vacation, six days of spring in Tuscany!
We will make a book, chore approachable by anyone because done with the use of plaster molds . It is going to be a DIARY, on which clay pages we will print personal stories, using an ancient, sophisticated and surprising technique: Screen print. Each participant will be invited to bring a small collection of writings or images, with Ceramic objects decorated with screen print technique screenprint 2 Screenprint 6which to create an artifact that echoes emotions . The potter takes hold of a technique that opens vast horizons for the decoration of functional objects and equally well for Silkscreen print shoving a vortex in black and redpanels or jewelry, the beginner will create an artistic object and learn a versatile technique that can be applied also on other media.
Briefly on silkscreen print: This ancient technique comes from China. In Europe it has been widely used since its introduction in the early 1900s on a variety of surfaces, including textiles, ceramics , wood, stone.

Juliet and Romeo (or Romea ! )
Those who register with a friend or partner will pay a discounted price of 800 € each.

For sign up please write to info@lameridiana.fi.it

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Ceramic books with relief print of hands