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How does it work? Answer the three questions then check out the answers.
You are a) patient and precise b) a gestural maker
You like a) rich colour palette b) form above colour and glaze
You want a) as much studio time as possible b) get to know Tuscany while here
You have always answered a)
You like to immerse yourself in a new medium. You love to make a pretty things for yourself or your friends, like jewellery or little vases and plates. You long to have plenty of studio time and are happy to enjoy the Tuscan environment right at La Meridiana, admiring the views and enjoying the food and wine at the wonderful lunches.
Your artistic, imaginative nature will be brought to resonance by one of these workshops:

Translucent, orange  bowl in Porcelain paperclay by Antonella Cimatti

28 Porcelain Paperclay with Antonella Cimatti

Necklace in porcelain by Matha Pachon

20. Jewelry creation with Martha Pachon

You have always answered b)

You’d like to discover the accessibility of clay in a playful way .  You want to have abundant studio time but also would love to see some of the stunning surroundings of the school, find out about the gourmet and wine treasures, visit studio potters and renaissance art. Your  creative and  passionate personality will flourish in the realm of these courses:

Wood firing kiln at La Meridiana International School of Ceramics in Tuscany

24 Shape, Paddle and Pasta!
Marcia Selsor –
Stephani Stephenson

Perforatede female torso in ceramics with ceramic  necklace

31 Light and Shadow
Angeliki Papadopoulou

Most of you must have  answered some a) and some b)!

Smart, friendly, intuitive and clever personality, the ideal courses for you are below. However, a consistent benefit is to be expected in participating in any of the above mentioned courses!

Ceramic basket coloured in lively and gesturally applied colours

34 Running with the horse. Workshop with
Sandy Brown

Ceramic books using silkscreen print

16 The Diary with
Maria Geszler-Garzuly