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Tip Toland’s solo exhibition opens tomorrow, February 1st at Portland Art Museum (Apex Gallery, Portland, OR) and will be open until May 11, 2014. Tip’s life size stoneware figures seam to bear the weight of existence with ease but actually moving them is an undertaking! After intense work for the show Tip says:

Life size laying figure in ceramics, built by Tip Toland, ready to be shipped to the Portland Art Museum for a solo show                                                   HI Everyone,
I just wanted to tell you that GOD willing and the creek don’t rise, “Gloria” and the 5 Busts are on their way to the museum!!!! These pictures were taken by my dear helper and friend Colleen who did so much of the hair on all these pieces. These are a little sneak preview of Gloria taken at around 7 : 00 Am after a LONG night of finishing up.
Lots of love, Tip
Deatail of the head of life size figure of laying black woman made by clay artist Tip TolandThis year there is a unique opportunity to study with Tip Toland and Patty Warashina. Two exceptional sculptors, who integrate their teaching, their wit and their knowledge in an exalting way. A class of two weeks in Tuscany. Find details at link below: http://www.lameridiana.fi.it/pottery_workshops_tip_toland_36_14.htmGloria, life size ceramic figure being transported to Portland Art Museum