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A beautiful picture attracts our attention , on a three-dimensional surface it may literally pull us into the form or get our eyes and imagination to travel around it.
There are many ways to create an image on clay: drawing, coloring, glazing, sgraffito. An extremely versatile and lately very popular technique is silkscreen printing on clay. Starting from drawings, photographs and texts on paper one creates the negative for the transfer on the ceramic surface . You cClay slab with image transfer of photography by Maria Geszler Garzulyan also overlay drawing and sgraffito . The copious possibilities of representation do enhance not only the surface but also affect the content and substance of what we search to express.
torso on porcelain, decorated in blue with silkscreenprint and writing overlay. Sculpture by Maria Geszler-garzulòy

ceramic sculpture by Maria Geszler Garzuly with silkscreen print on clay and overlay of text

A master in the use of layered image and imagination is the Hungarian artist Maria- Geszler Garzuly . Look at her work where poetic content and social and political commentary are present with touching and profound beauty.

Maria Geszler Garzuly working with the screen of silkprint to transfer imageIt is a privilege to study with Maria : Her vivacity and cheerfulness are matched only by the depth of her poetic vision .

The content of the course taught at La Meridiana will be technical and filosophical, strategies of a research that begins before the start of the course and will have a long  echo. Image of iris flower transfered on ceramic slab with silkscreen print technique

The course dates are April 13th – 19th 2014, here you can find the details:

image of a watch made in porcelain, decorated with silk screen technique
Past is History, Future is a Mystery, but
Present is a Gift.
The sense of timeless.