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This student wants to arrive, no matter what

This student wants to arrive, no matter what

The school is out in the hilly countryside of S. Gimignano and Siena, not exactly no man’s land, but still remote enough that students manage to get lost when coming here at the beginning of the workshop. If you simply rely on GPS you might get some surprise, like ending up in an Olive growth, or worse, at the end of a steep muddy trail, with no way to turn around to bet back to a paved road. In such a case, a rescue team will be activated!


But why always use GPS? Our student Johanna Arco got completely lost and took four hours to get from Florence to the school, and when she arrived she was nonetheless glooming in joy, because she had been all over Tuscany and found it so beautiful.
No matter which transportation you choose, if train , car, motorbike or your feet, our pick up at 6 pm at the Certaldo train station on the Sunday of the start of the course is an institution. Your plan be could be a print out of the directions found on our website, provided that then you do follow the instructions with maximum precision!

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