Jayson Lawfer

Jayson Lawfers soda fired work

While most makers truly enjoy the creative making process, for most it isn’t equally pleasant to sell their work.
Marketing takes a lot of effort. The behind the scenes of successful selling is about as varied as are the personalities of potters. How can you come up with fresh marketing ideas? Marketing is an art in itself, and it’s not obvious to have knowledge in the fields. But some instruction, reflection and training may get you on the right tracks. With so many students and makers coming through La Meridiana, we feel a demand for good marketing advice, specifically geared towards ceramic artists and potters. We found the perfect instructor for this topic in Jayson Lawfer. He has a degree in Ceramics from the United States and has been a professional potter for over 10 years. He has shown his work in various countries and has become a dealer of contemporary ceramics since 2002. Over the last 5 years, he has used his marketing skills to develop an online art brokerage business http://www.thenevicaproject.com where he buys and sells art and art collections.

Jason Lawfer at the wheel

JAYSON teaching

His ceramic and marketing course, to be held in October, will focus on the art of pottery and all the things so attractive about being in Italy- food, wine, site-seeing, etc. And there will be the addition about marketing one’s artwork. Jayson will discuss options that can lead to increased sales, more exposure, a better internet presence and better overall opportunities.
For further information visit: http://www.lameridiana.fi.it/pottery_workshops_jayson_lawfer_39_13.htm