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Concreta 2013

Glazed Stoneware Sculpture by Carlos Carle

The abstract exerts a fascination perhaps because it contains a strong force, the kind of emotive power found within all of nature. Clay is the material many contemporary artists prefer, due to its subtlety, plasticity and infinite surface possibilities. This is exactly what has drawn Orietta Mengucci to clay and she has investigated form, texture and surface profoundly in her work. She fell in love with the groggy Spanish clays we use for sculpture at La Meridiana and the rich, warm colour range that varies beautifully according to the firing type and temperature.
Orietta Mengucci http://www.oriettamengucci.it is the instructor of an stimulating sculptor workshop in August. It is about finding a personal way of expression and she is unsurpassed for guiding students in a sensitive way. Technical skill however is equally important and clay, surface and the innovative use of coloured slips will be investigated thoroughly through the participation of Pietro Maddalena http://www.pietro.net , a champ in the field. More about this workshop here:

by Andrea Messana

Bianca Piva. “Nebulosa” Paperclay, iron, sand

Photo by A. Merssana

Orietta Mengucci “Carta”Mixed technique on paper: clay, cement