Visual artists have always been inspired by images of other artists work and ceramicists are no exception. There are so many considerations to make when looking at ceramic work. Shape, texture, surface, concept, imagery, expression, it all speaks to us, even in the reduced form of a bi dimensional image. In the live of La Meridiana there has always been great consideration of the importance for everybody to develop an own visual vocabulary, and one of the best learning tools is to look at work, and through reflection and discussion get new insight and awareness. Pietro Maddalena has started to gather up images thirty years ago, with first criteria: does he like it? It has evolved in an incredibly rich collection of 7000 images that now he has carefully re-selected and divided in categories, to make it available to students and enthusiasts. First slot of the images are found here. Let us know your reaction! http://www.lameridiana.fi.it/ceramic_images.htm