17 Porcelain: Color and Light
Curtis Benzle – http://www.benzleporcelain.com
April 22nd – 28th, 2012
Handbuilding. Beginners/Intermediate

This workshop will celebrate the beauty and magic of light as it accentuates color, expands form and energizes surfaces in translucent porcelain.
We will discuss the unique, light transmitting characteristics of vitreous porcelain and will follow up with an exploration of techniques used to color and incorporate light into our artwork.

Topics covered will include relief carving (lithophane), color additions, colored clay techniques and porcelain formulas, as we consider colored, translucent porcelain in its many manifestations; sculpture, pottery (agateware or neriage), translucent lighting and jewelry.
Mornings will be devoted to exploration
— demonstrations and technical discussions aimed at unlocking mysteries, expanding knowledge and empowering creativity. Afternoons will be devoted to making. Your quiet, personal experimentation or technical guidance and assistance —
whatever it takes to help you bring out the best.
Cost € 860. Includes welcome dinner, lunches, lodging, tuition, materials and firings.