The ceramic classes at La Meridiana are small enough to favor friendships. To keep in the loop, we have started this blog, as a way to keep the news flowing and hoping that you will enjoy to be in touch.
Students often ask us how life is at La Meridiana in winter. The workshop season is over, no more teachers, crazy artists, eager students, just Pietro, the staff, the dogs and the cat. And without Lucia, which means we go on a diet of simple and fast to prepare foods, occasionally interwoven by an access of pride, where everyone in turn wants to show off with his/her best dish. However, the real quite season does not start until now, January, as we have some important activities taking place after the last workshop in October,  the most important being the ceramic class for our new college level student programme in collaboration with ECU. ( To learn more visit: )Young American students in the La Meridiana studio. What would you think has been the biggest issue during the 5 weeks of class? Ceramic techniques- Aesthetic considerations? Art versus Craft? Inspiration versus transpiration? No, the big debate was about music! These students live with a constant earplug and love to sing along their favorite songs. Nothing in common with the concentrated silence a certain teacher considers crucial for fruitful learning. There was much discussion about the influence of silence/ music on creativity but no final verdict and as a practical outcome hours of silence in the mornings and dance hall level music in the afternoons.
What does music to you?